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Baby PR by as clear as

as clear as specialises in PR for the nursery trade.

We are very good at helping your business grow. Our success stories prove this.

As Clear as was conceived in a way that mirrors some of the great success stories in the nursery trade namely we had children and saw the potential of the many good products in the markeplace (and many bad ones too!)

Whilst our clients had the entrepreneurial flair to take their ideas and turn them into viable products, our skills lay in the promotion of these companies to the media.

BC (Before children) we were an established PR business catering largely for clients in the leisure industry. Like many new parents we suddenly found that leisure time and parenting were totally alien concepts and found ourselves being much more interested in our babies and things which made bringing them up so much easier.
baby pr

This led to a total change of direction and over the last four years we have established ourselves as the foremost PR agency for the nursey trade in the UK (or so our clients tell us)

I hope you enjoy our website and it gives you the motivation to pick up the phone and give us a call.

A lot of great things have started with just one call……